Commercial System Solution

Commercial System Solution

Commercial System Solution

Faster and easier design – Commercial System Solution

Strings of unequal length

Tilt/azimuth diversity in same string

Shade tolerant

Modules of different models / power ratings

Maximum design flexibility:

Easy and cost efficient maintenance for increased up-time of your PV system

Mismatch power losses eliminated

More energy due to module-level MPPT

Increased energy yield:

SolarEdge offers a cost effective module-level optimization for commercial systems Solutions that allows you to harvest more power from your PV system, for fastest return on investment (ROI) and reduced costs.

Up to 50% reduction in electrical BoS components (wires, conduits, junction boxes, fuses, etc.) due to longer and therefore fewer strings per system

~15% O&M Cost Reduction and future compatibility    

 Module-level monitoring  for reduced operation and maintenance costs

Pinpointed alerts for cost effective maintenance

Future addition or replacement of modules with any available module type and capacity

SolarEdge mitigates power losses due to mismatch between modules for maximum power generation
from each module. With SolarEdge, weaker modules do not affect the strong ones.
Increase your system capacity with more modules on the roof
SolarEdge | 200kW DC
34% more power
Traditional inverter | 149.5kW DC
Flexible site design More modules on the roof More power
10% module mismatch
Screenshot from the SolarEdge monitoring
portal, showing power curves of 10 adjacent
modules in a string with 10% mismatch between
highest and lowest performing modules

Full safety solution:

Electrocution and fire risks are eliminated with safe voltages during installation, maintenance and firefighting

OP600 – Cost Effective Commercial System Solution Power Optimizer Connecting two 60-cell Modules

Commercial System Solution