Infrared Heating Panels in Lancashire, Manchester and Cheshire

We were asked to survey and install a Far Infrared system to help reduce the heating costs in an electric only apartment building.

We recommended 4 x Future Energy Infrared Panels that consisted of 1 x 720w for the living room and 3 x 600w panels for the kitchen, main bedroom and back bedroom.

As the customer is a painter and has many of her own paintings she opted for plain white panels, and rather than putting the cables in the wall she opted for the cables to be capped.

The panels were then thermostated so that each room will be individually controlled so as to keep the heating costs down to a minimum

The overall benefit will be that the heating will cost no more than £1 per day and when the existing electric heaters were previously used this could be as high as £15 per day.

This apartment is now run off 2.5Kwh of Far Infrared which is a reduction from the current 12Kwh now. As this system will be turning on and off through the day the heating costs will be slashed.

This system will be paid off in less than 1 year in the savings that will be made  

These panels are perfect for any home or business that is an electric only building but work great if you are on gas too!

There are no services required to the boiler, no leaks from pipes and look fantastic to boot


ce8411b9-076a-42c1-9e45-8515cc8c91e6c9acf203-03f4-4204-9d42-3e7f5c659b8fThese heating panels will work for all  homes and businesses that want to reduce their heating costs and solve those issues of retaining heat

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