Heat the home with pictures of Special Meaning with Infrared

Mr & Mrs Tilley called us in after wanting to install Far Infrared Panels but were left high and dry by a company offering a cheaper form of Infrared  and also taking a deposit that they are still chasing.

They opted to go for a 720w picture of the church that they got married in. We had our factory make this for them and the picture doesn’t do it justice

They also had a 300w mirror for the bathroom and a Bar heater for the kitchen. This is controlled via a remote control so Mr Tilley can just have it on when he is working at his computer

This will save the Tilleys having to use their central heating through the winter.

We can install any picture in the world (within reason) so they are as bespoke to you as possible

We can heat a building with not only hidden heat but classy artwork that you would spend £100’s in most cases

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There are no services required to the boiler, no leaks from pipes and look fantastic to boot

These heating panels will work for all  homes and businesses that want to reduce their heating costs and solve those issues of retaining heat

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