Infra Red Heaters


Radiant (infra-red) heat is produced by any hot object, an example being the sun which heats the earth’s surface through the vacuum of space. Electric radiant heaters use an electric current to heat an element. They are similar to incandescent electric light bulbs, although are designed to produce as much infra-red heat, rather than visible light, as possible. As thermal radiation is not absorbed by air infrared heaters can efficiently warm people or objects in exposed and draughty locations, or infrequently occupied buildings with high ceilings such as village halls etc, without incurring high ‘heat-up’ energy costs.

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Best Value Infrared heating

For cleaner, more efficient and simply more beautiful heating in your home, choose far-infrared heating panels.
Reduce your heating bills by over 80%.

Choose your size of panel and the picture you want. Future Energy Solutions provide the very best value panels on the market. High efficiency carbon crystal technology at a price that’s much cheaper than what’s charged elsewhere! Up to 3 times less! Big savings on energy bill from instant heat, transmitted directly to you.

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