Solar Edge Residential Solution

Residential Solution

Residential Solution

SolarEdge is the first comprehensive solution to tackle all of the challenges encountered with solar PV systems.


Increased energy yield compared to the traditional inverter system:

No power loss due to module mismatch due to power optimization per module

Constraint free design allows for utilization of more roof area

Easy and cost efficient maintenance for increased up-time of your PV system



During Installation: safe string voltage until inverter & AC supply are turned on

Maintenance: safe string voltage with an automatic DC shutdown once inverter is turned off

Emergency: safe string voltage with an automatic DC shutdown after grid disconnection or in reaction to high temperature


Peace of mind:

Ability to monitor the PV system anytime, anywhere in order to guarantee optimal operation

Module level, real-time alerts of system issues pinpointed on a virtual map

To support small installations, SolarEdge offers reduced string length with the P405 power optimizers. The minimum string length with the P405 is 6 power optimizers when using single-phase SolarEdge inverters and 13 power optimizers when using three-phase SolarEdge inverters.

Residential Solution