Infrared Heating Panels in Lancashire, Manchester and Cheshire

We had a lovely lady Mrs Hartley from Bolton who contacted us because she was spending £170 to heat a flat for just herself. She had no options for Solar panels or any other renewable products because she was a ground floor flat.

As it was an electric only flat she had some German electric heaters that totalled 5.5kwh of usage and an electric fire of 2kwh

Mrs Hartley was using them to heat the flat between 7am – 11pm. This was like running 2-3 kettles all day 7 days a week.

We recommended that she install Future Energy Far Infrared panels. She opted to remove her electric fire and we replaced this with a living flame effect panel. This is a 720w panel. We then installed a 300w mirror in the hallway, a 360w panel in the main bedroom and a 360w panel in the back bedroom

The total wattage that was being ran previous to our panels was 7.5Kwh running for most of the day.

At around £2000 per year this was not acceptable for a single widowed lady living in a flat.

The new running kwh of 1.74Kwh total that is now thermostated so it is running at around 25-50% of the time depending on the time of year

Mrs Hartleys bills have now dropped to £30 a month so a £1680 a year saving 

The system Mrs Hartley now has will be paid off within the 1st yearc64c8e40-9cd4-4c4c-b86d-24b571e48c3a

Hartley 2IMG_0282IMG_0284

133ddb6e-14e0-4fd1-b475-0a21186c26f9afe9419f-6613-4da4-bdd5-1c2fdc222cedThere are no services required to the boiler, no leaks from pipes and look fantastic to boot

These heating panels will work for all businesses that want to reduce their heating costs and solve those issues of retaining heat

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