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Solar Panels Installers Great Harwood for Domestic & Commercial

Maybe you’d like to reduce your consumption of our limited natural resources – no doubt you’re keen to lower your bills, too – but have ruled out installing solar panels because you don’t think that you live in a sunny enough climate. Think again! Solar panels, or solar photovoltaics (PV), use photovoltaic cells to capture energy, so direct sunlight isn’t essential – a cloudy day in Great Harwood  will still allow the cells to convert enough electricity for your needs.

Solar Panel Installers Great Harwood  Prices 

An average household requires a solar PV panel that can provide around 3kw of electricity, covering about 20m² of your roof, at a cost of between £5,000 and £6,500. The exact amount varies according to quality, size, and your choice of panel manufacturer

Don’t let that quote put you off. Apart from saving money on your bills, you will benefit from a government scheme that pays you for your electricity usage. This Feed-in scheme lasts for twenty years, but you will have made back the installation costs in less than ten years.

Solar Panel Installers Great Harwood  Potential 

Residents of Great Harwood  may be surprised to hear that they enjoy an average of nine hours of sunshine a day in the summer. That’s based on figures for June and July, but even in deepest winter – that’s December and January! – Great Harwood  gets a daily quota of four to six hours of sunlight, making energy-saving solar panels a realistic alternative for you.

Great Facts about Great Harwood

ARROD; SNUFFY; is like many small towns or large villages. Quite unremarkable.

It is not on a major road, you don’t even need to go through it on the way to somewhere else.

It has few buildings of significance to anyone outside and perhaps only one of renown.

It has had many distinguished sons and daughters though not many famous.

It is not in many tourist guides.

It has had little to boast of in sporting success for many years.

It’s just a small town in East Lancashire, England with a long history.

Within sight of Pendle Hill and easy reach of the Ribble Valley Great Harwood has always been just off the main road. Lying over the hill to the south of the Ribble Valley and a mile to the north of the Leeds – Liverpool Canal the early east-west trade routes passed it by. A railway branch line did eventually reach the town but that has long since vanished. Even the major roads connecting Blackburn, Accrington and Burnley to the south with the Ribble Valley somehow conspired to pass the town. Today the building of the M65 means it has never been easier to visit Great Harwood. Although still off the main roads it is only a matter of five minutes from the Blackburn East or Accrington junctions of M65 to the centre of Great Harwood.

Gt Harwood's location in Lancashire
Map of Real Lancashire

Solar Panel Installers Let Future Energy Solutions help you have your system installed in Great Harwood

Future Energy Solutions takes the worry out of your hands. Our free service will find you decide whether a solar panel system will work in your Great Harwood  area, and you can trust that if it won`t, we will tell you. It’s so simple – set out your requirements, and we’ll suggest what type of Solar Panel system will work for your household. With no fee, no obligation and no messing about, it really is that easy!

Only MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certified companies are allowed to install solar PV systems, to be sure that you qualify for the government’s Feed-in Tariff. You can be reassured by the fact that we constantly monitor the ratings and reviews of our installers, so we’re always able to offer you the very best solar panel installers in Great Harwood . Get your quotation Now