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We are totally independent!

Because of this we choose the very best products available within the solar renewable market place today. We choose products for a variety of reasons including:

Technology used – for example:  Monocrystalline cells are generally regarded as superior in terms of efficiency to Polycrystalline.

Price per kWp output – Even if a technology is better on paper does that mean it is more cost effective? Not always! The fact is this varies from one installation to another. This is a very important factor to take into consideration.

Suitability for Installation – We choose our preferred product ranges that from experience we know will accommodate the widest range of situations and needs.

Warranties Provided – It is all very well having a 50 year warranty with a free annual cleaning and system check/service! All at no extra cost! But it is only any good if a) The company that sold you this system are still in business and if they are that they really intend to honour this??? And b) that the product you had installed is backed up a a manufacturers warranty that means something (again is it hot air or will they still be here in 10 years?). Future Energy Solutions are very careful when choosing preferred manufacturers for these reasons.

We recommend the following Solar PV Panel Manufacturers:


Why choose Eco Future?

The Eco Future 250C60 are our most popular monocrystalline Solar PV Panel. The modules are sturdy and robust, well designed and manufactured, and feature all black frames and backing. Provide an excellent return on investment.

ECO Future 250w All Black Solar Panel

Why Choose Kioto?

Kioto use the most sophisticated and up to date technology during manufacturing which means that their photovoltaic panels are especially suited to the UK’s climate as they perform extremely well in countries that have low lighting conditions for most of the year.

Kioto 250w All black Panel

Why choose Sharp?

As a solar specialist with 50 years’ experience in photovoltaics (PV), Sharp makes significant contributions to groundbreaking progress in solar technologies.

Sharp-NDR-250w Solar Panel

Why choose Panasonic?

The Panasonic group, have been producing solar panels and PV technology since 1975 and have grown to become a reputable high end manufacturer.

Panasonic Datasheet-HIT-240W

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